Empowering Through Coffee: That Day Company's Journey to Success

5 Bulletin Facts about Women and Small Business

When I received the invitation to pitch That Day Company, our gourmet coffee business empowering female servicemembers, I saw it as a chance to overcome fears and prove our value. Participating in the recent event was a valuable experience for me. While I didn't win the monetary prize, I had access to free resources like mentorship, legal advice, networking opportunities, professional video and photo production, marketing assistance, and a compelling press release.

These resources helped me refine my pitch, navigate legal requirements, connect with like-minded individuals, showcase my brand effectively, and generate buzz through media exposure.


Despite not winning, I am grateful for the growth and opportunities this event provided.

5 Facts about Women and Small Business

Fact 1: That Day Company - More than Just Coffee

That Day Company isn't just coffee. We're a specialty-grade brand empowering female service members and first responders. With every cup, we make a meaningful difference in their lives. Sourcing from women-owned farms globally, we support sustainable practices and economic opportunities. Our Fearless 6 Bean Espresso and Tuesday Bali Blue offer exceptional flavors. Join our monthly subscription for diverse, specialty-grade coffees.

Fact 2: Intensive Preparation with Launchbox LeighValley Penn State

Preparing for the pitch was intensive. Launchbox LeighValley Penn State program provided invaluable resources, mentorship, and a supportive community. Fellow entrepreneurs and mentors' feedback pushed us to innovate and stand out.

Fact 3: A Game-Changing Experience with Launchbox LeighValley Penn State

Being part of Launchbox LeighValley Penn State program has been a game-changer. The network of entrepreneurs, experts, and investors opened doors we never thought possible. Join our coffee-loving community, support our mission at www.thatdaycompany.com. #ThatDayCompany #SpecialtyCoffee #EmpoweringWomen

Fact 4: A Remarkable Journey Fueled by Dedication and Passion

Our journey has been remarkable, filled with dedication and passion. Participating in Launchbox LeighValley Penn State refined our pitch and connected us with like-minded individuals. Our recognition and prizes speak to the impact we strive to make with each cup of exceptional coffee.

Fact 5: Creating a Sustainable and Empowering Community

Together, let's create a sustainable and empowering community. Join That Day Company's mission to empower women and support sustainable coffee practices. With each sip, you contribute to a positive change. Together, we can make a difference.

Remember to visit That Day Company to support our coffee-loving community. Together, we can empower women and enjoy the exceptional taste of specialty-grade coffees. Join the movement today!

Let us know your thoughts and be part of the positive change! #ThatDayCompany #SpecialtyCoffee #EmpoweringWomen

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on the user's input and not an actual product or company.

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